United Nations

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is HEUNI’s contact point and point of reference within the UN Organization. HEUNI activities build on the UN Standards and Norms in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

Working with the UNODC: HEUNI has assisted the UNODC for example in preparing a number of UN reports to the UN Crime Commission and to the UN Crime Congresses. Most recently, HEUNI has prepared a report on men and women as reflected in crime statistics. The report looks at the relationship between gender and the commission of crime, and gender and interaction with the criminal justice system at the different stages of the procedure. HEUNI was responsible for analyzing the data and editing the research report.

Working with the UNODC Viet Nam Country Office: HEUNI conducted an assessment of the quality and availability of criminal justice services for victims of domestic violence. The research explored the views of police officers and legal aid officers, and victims of domestic violence. HEUNI was responsible for developing the research plan and methodology, developing the questionnaires, training key people in Viet Nam and commenting on the manuscript.

Working with the IOM: HEUNI conducted research on the linkages between human trafficking and the passenger ferry industry in the Baltic Sea, and development of recommendations on how the ferry sector could participate in the prevention of trafficking. The main outcome was a HEUNI study entitled “Addressing Human Trafficking in the Baltic Sea". On the basis of the study, the International Organization for Migration launched a series of training events for ferry staff, with HEUNI providing substantive input.

For more details, see the specific projects and publications.

Published 2.3.2017