European Commission

The European Commission is an important actor setting the legal and policy framework related to judicial cooperation, victims rights and organized crime in Europe. HEUNI participates primarily within the framework of the Justice, AMIF and REC programmes.

DG JUST Framework Contract 2016-2020: HEUNI is part of a consortium led by Optimity Advisors that is able to apply for services to be tendered under the Framework contract. Topics under the DG JUST relate, e.g., to EU law in the domain of justice, citizenship and equality, and to implementation and enforcement of EU law, including criminal justice and police cooperation.

The HESTIA project “Preventing human trafficking and sham marriages“ funded by the EC sought to shed light on a recently identified form of trafficking in human beings which is related to the organisation of sham marriages and the subsequent exploitation of persons. The research primarily utilised qualitative methods, such as expert and victim interviews in combination with statistical information, and it was carried out in Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania and the Slovak Republic. HEUNI report no.82

The FIDUCIA project, funded by the EC, shed light on a number of distinctively "new European" criminal behaviours that have emerged in the last decade as a consequence of technology developments and the increased mobility of populations across Europe. The project produced an innovative model of "trust-based" policy and related policy recommendations for the Member States and EU institutions. Saako jostain linkin suoraan policy recommendations. Fiducia publications

EUROJUSTIS was a project designed to provide EU institutions and Member States with new evidence-based indicators for the assessment of public confidence in criminal justice and fear of crime. The project developed and piloted survey-based indicators of public confidence in justice. HEUNI Report no.70

For more details, see the specific projects and publications.

Published 26.9.2018