EU institutes and agencies

HEUNI delivers commissioned research or participates in tenders, in cooperation with other partners, for several specialized EU institutes and agencies.

For the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA): HEUNI tested the interview questionnaire for the survey on violence against women by using different qualitative methods, cognitive interviews, behavioral coding, focus-group discussions, interviewer feedback, and a pilot interview. HEUNI also produced detailed interviewer instructions and other field work material and tested them. The pilot was implemented in six EU countries. In the second stage HEUNI was a partner in a consortium implementing the EU-wide survey on violence against women. Violence against women: an EU-wide survey. Main results report

For the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE): HEUNI was commissioned to review data collection activities related to gender-based violence against women by EU bodies, international organisations and civil society organisations as well as assess the planned activities. The final report consisted of a summary on the policy framework on combating gender-based violence as well as a descriptions of ongoing and forthcoming data collection activities by the different organisations. Study on international activities in the field of data collection on gender-based violence across the EU - Report

For EUROSTAT: In 2006 HEUNI was commissioned by EUROSTAT to analyze the situation in victimisation surveys in the Member States and to make a proposal for a new European victimisation survey (sampling, questionnaire, interviewing methods and other field arrangements). HEUNI report 80

For more details, see the specific projects and publications.

Published 26.9.2018