What: Development of training materials and training handbooks on criminal justice and crime prevention issues. Delivering of training based on HEUNI’s research findings and guidelines. Development and execution of research methodology training to researchers, to interviewers or to other staff involved in projects.

Why: Training is an effective method to disseminate new information, to increase awareness and to change behaviour. Many international instruments in the field of crime prevention and control emphasize the need to train criminal justice practitioners. By training researchers in using innovative and tested research methodologies, the quality of research and analyses of information can be greatly improved.

Methodology: Development of training manuals, training the trainers, making use of the latest training methods and tools available. HEUNI is in the process of developing e-learning modules in order to disseminate research findings to even wider audiences

HEUNI’s work has resulted in:

Lectures and presentations to criminal justice professionals and academia

Training for researchers on research methodology and research ethics. HEUNI report 82

Training for practitioners on the links between human trafficking and sham marriages is currently under development.

Training for prison staff on responding to violence against women and on the life course of female inmates.

Training for passenger ferry staff on identification of victims of human trafficking. HEUNI Report No. 83

A Guidebook on “How to Survive UN Crime Programme Meetings".

Published 27.10.2017