Collection and analysis of crime statistics

What: Compilation of comparable data on offences, perpetrators, prosecutions, convictions and sanctions, aggregated by e.g. regions, income levels, gender and age. We can create data banks, in-depth reports, concise briefs on crime trends regarding specific offences or larger overarching themes.

Why: Policy decisions on the criminal justice systems and crime prevention should be based on evidence-based data in order for criminal justice systems to be effective and rational.

Methodology: Data collection from administrative sources, validation of collected data, statistical analysis.

HEUNI’s work has resulted in:

International Statistics on Crime and Justice HEUNI report 64

European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics 2014 5th edition HEUNI report 80

Crime and Gender, a Study on How Men and Women Are Represented in International Crime Statistics HEUNI report 85

Published 27.10.2017