Development of research methodologies

What: One of the strengths of HEUNI lies in its capacity to plan and conduct innovative comparative research projects, and to help in organizing the training of research staff in different countries in order to ensure a uniform understanding and application of the selected methodological approach.

Why: The phenomena of crime, crime prevention and criminal justice are often difficult to explain – to policymakers, to the media, and to the public. In order to gain a proper overview, data collection requires the innovative use of various research methods

Methodology: HEUNI has pioneered in the combining of quantitative and qualitative methods, along with the use of statistical information. Our projects have utilised multiple methods, such as thematic interviews, focus groups and document analysis.

HEUNI’s work has resulted in:

The development of survey methods on violence against women, including interviewer training modules.

The development of a methodology to study trafficking for the purpose of forced labour. HEUNI Report 67, HEUNI Report 68 and HEUNI Report 84

The development of a methodology to study the links between sham marriages and trafficking, i.e. exploitative sham marriages.HEUNI Report 82

Published 26.9.2018