Report Series 94: Normative Framework Guide - Responsibility of Businesses Concerning Human Rights, Labour Exploitation and Human Trafficking

Anni Lietonen, Anniina Jokinen and Anna-Greta Pekkarinen. Helsinki 2020.
ISBN 978-952-7249-18-5 (PDF), ISSN 1799-5590, ISSN-L 1237-4741 (37 pages)

The Normative Framework Guide is a complementary tool developed along with the "Navigating through your supply chain – Toolkit" that summarizes the existing legal frameworks outlining companies’ human rights responsibilities with a focus on labour exploitation and trafficking. Together these publications provide a comprehensive information package on labour exploitation and human trafficking.

HEUNI Publication series 94 FLOW Normative framework.pdf (pdf, 0.33 Mt)

Published as part of the European Commission funded project "FLOW. Flow of illicit funds and victims of human trafficking: uncovering the complexities”

Published 27.5.2020