Report Series 93a: Navigating through your supply chain. Toolkit for prevention of labour exploitation and trafficking.

Anni Lietonen, Anniina Jokinen and Natalia Ollus. Helsinki 2020.
ISBN 978-952-7249-21-5 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-7249-22-2 (PDF), ISSN 1799-5590, ISSN-L 1237-4741 (58 pages)

"Navigating through your supply chain – Toolkit" is for proactive companies who want to safeguard migrant workers' rights and lower the risk of being involved in labour exploitation and human trafficking. The Toolkit includes five hands-on tools with a focus on the implementation of due diligence processes and it provides concrete measures to navigate and control complex supply chain networks especially in local, national and intra-European contexts. These measures include conducting a risk assessment, drafting an anti-trafficking strategy, screening contractual partners, incorporating specific contractual clauses and organising workplace assessments.

"The Normative Framework Guide" (HEUNI Publications Series No. 94) is a complementary tool that summarizes the existing legal frameworks outlining companies’ human rights responsibilities with a focus on labour exploitation and trafficking.

Navigating through your supply chain (pdf, 12.03 Mt) Risk Assessment Tool (pdf, 0.08 Mt) Strategy Tool (pdf, 0.14 Mt) Screening Tool (pdf, 0.1 Mt) Contract Tool (pdf, 0.13 Mt) Workplace Assessment Tool (pdf, 0.16 Mt)

Published as part of the European Commission funded project

Published 10.5.2020  Updated 5.11.2020
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