HEUNI recruits a communication trainee

Published 26.1.2017

HEUNI is looking for a communication trainee to assist HEUNI in its task of dissemination of evidence-based information on crime prevention and control. The trainee will take active part in the development of HEUNI's communication strategy and tools (webpage, social media, policy briefs, visualization of data, etc). A keen interest in research communication and in the development of impact oriented communication materials are needed for successfully completing the traineeship. Skills related to visualization of data are especially appreciated. HEUNI's official working languages are Finnish and English. Knowledge of Finnish is not mandatory. Other languages are an asset.

The communication trainee is expected to complete the following tasks:

- media monitoring

- visualization of data and processes for different HEUNI projects

- taking part in the writing and visualization of policy briefs, handouts etc.

- developing social media coverage and activity

- development of HEUNI webpage

- production of podcasts and/or vimeo/youtube

- writing press releases and other documents

- research related assistance tasks (compilation of data, practical research arrangements etc.)

The skills needed for the completion of the tasks are: creativity, initiative and flexibility, interest in research communication, some knowledge of crime control and prevention related topics or similar field, practical skills related to writing, visualization (of data), layout and webpage development. Applicants are requested to attach in their application an example of their prior work (for example: a press release, a handout, a visualization, a podcast). Send application to Inka Lilja inka.lilja (at)om.fi.

Time and duration: 3 months (Preferably during August-December 2017)

Salary: 1350 euro per month

Application deadline: 2017-03-31

Only applicants with University trainee allowance are considered.

Further information: Ms Inka Lilja, +358 50 407 4450, inka.lilja(at)om.fi