Centennial of Inkeri Anttila’s birth commemorated by a seminar and a book

Published 28.11.2016  Updated 29.11.2016
Inkeri Anttila was the first female professor of criminal law at the University of Helsinki and a former Minister of Justice. Her life achievements were commemorated at the University of Helsinki on 23 November 2016 by a seminar which featured the 11th Inkeri Anttila Honour Lecture. The lecture was presented by Professor Miklós Lévay, Chairman of the HEUNI Advisory Board, and entitled “Life Imprisonment without Parole and Human Rights".

Inkeri Anttila was one of the primary architects of the approach known as rational and humane criminal policy. Her thoughts and research were reflected not only in Finnish and Nordic criminal policy but also more widely at the international level. Perhaps the clearest indication of the appreciation of her work was her election by acclamation as President of the Fifth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders in 1975.

She was appointed the first Director (1982-1986) of the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations. Today HEUNI’s work contributes to keeping alive Inkeri Anttila’s legacy of evidence-based and humane crime prevention and control policies. HEUNI’s primary objective remains the promotion of the international exchange of information. In Inkeri Anttila’s words “Criminologists are not of much use if they remain sitting in their chambers thinking wise thoughts".

A largely Finnish-language book commemorating Inkeri Anttila’s life work was edited by Professor Emeritus Raimo Lahti, and published by the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki (Unigrafia). The title, in English, is “Inkeri Anttila (1916-2013). The Professional Career and Impact of a Reformer of Criminal Law".

The book includes an (English language) contribution by HEUNI staff members Director Matti Joutsen and Senior Programme Officer (now retired) Terhi Viljanen, “Inkeri Anttila’s International Reach".

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