New research report published by HEUNI: Recording Community Sanctions and Measures and Assessing Attrition – A Methodological Study on Comparative Data in Europe

Published 26.6.2014  Updated 27.6.2014

The research was carried with the contribution of many experts from the European Sourcebook (ESB) group together with the Confederation of European Probation (CEP). Furthermore, the network of national correspondents from European countries were utilized. Financial support was received from the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union, European Commission.

The first task of the project was to develop a questionnaire for data collection on the tasks and work of probation agencies and on community sanctions and measures, and to collect the data from the European countries for both adults and juveniles. The second aim was to develop a measure for the attrition process taking place between the police level and the level of courts or prisons.

In summary, despite the diversity of legal concepts comparable statistical data was available on different sanctions and measures from most countries. The project also developed indicators which enabled the comparison between different levels of police and prisons. The indicators suggested are the offender ratio, the conviction ratio and the punitivity ratio.

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