Guidelines to Prevent Exploitation and Trafficking of Workers launched

Published 17.6.2014  Updated 23.7.2014

HEUNI has launched Guidelines to Prevent Abusive Recruitment, Exploitative Employment and Trafficking of Migrant Workers in the Baltic Sea Region. The Guidelines report is the culmination of the ADSTRINGO project and it aims to address and tackle the different forms of exploitation and trafficking of migrant workers in the Baltic Sea Region that were identified as problematic in the joint ADSTRINGO research report “Exploitation of Migrant Workers in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania - Uncovering the Links between Recruitment, Irregular Employment Practices and Labour Trafficking" as well as during national ADSTRINGO expert meetings in 11 countries in the Baltic Sea region.

It is our hope that the guidelines will be utilised in efforts to prevent trafficking for forced labour and to protect the rights of migrant workers in the different countries in the Baltic Sea region.

We would like to thank our project partners as well as all the national and international actors who have been involved in the project activities, events as well as national and international expert meetings.

From below you can find the report in full text, as well as a shorter version that briefly summarizes the guidelines.