Report Series No. 95a Uncovering labour trafficking. Investigation tool for law enforcement and checklist for labour inspectors

Pekka Ylinen, Anniina Jokinen, Anna-Greta Pekkarinen, Natalia Ollus, Katja-Pia Jenu.
Helsinki 2020
ISBN 978-952-7249-31-4 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-7249-32-1 (PDF), ISSN 1799-5590, ISSN-L 1237-4741 (70 pages)

“Uncovering labour trafficking – Investigation tool for law enforcement and checklist for labour inspectors" was developed in the EU-funded FLOW project with partner countries Bulgaria, Estonia and Latvia. The investigation tool describes labour trafficking and exploitation in general. It also follows the progress of police investigations from start to finish. Moreover, it works as a concrete aid for coordinated and well-planned actions in effective labour trafficking investigations. In addition to English, the tool is also available in Bulgarian, Estonian, Finnish and Latvian languages and the reports have been tailored to the local context in close cooperation with national authorities.

Labour inspectors can use the checklist specifically designed for them to assess whether the workers they encounter might be victims of labour exploitation or trafficking. By compiling hands-on techniques, recommendations and how-to’s, the tool is meant for the practical use of different authorities.

ENG-Investigation Aid Web 14072020.pdf (pdf, 2.8 Mt)
Published 16.7.2020